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Flowgate is a small organization, trusted by big organizations, with 20 years of proven international experience, dedicated to the protection of information assets. Passion for what we do, commitment to continuous learning and respect for the needs of our customers are the three fundamental pillars of our philosophy.


Guillermo Marro


Received his Electronic Engineering degree from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Got his MSc degree at the University of California at Davis. Worked for a NASA project with the NSMA, University of Arizona. Instructor of introductory courses on information security for several european and latin american universities. Former working experience as a researcher, engineer and CISO.

Guillermo Caminer


Received his Licentiature degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Worked as a security tester with different european and latin american companies. Course Instructor on secure coding, pentesting and application security.

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