Risk Mitigation Strategies

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Proactive vision and action paves the way to secure your business

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Nowadays technology is involved in every business process, in every possible dimension. Organizations constantly strenghen their dependency with technology but are not fully conscious about the corresponding technology risk increment. This service comprises achieving a broad, comprehensive view of technology risk affecting business continuity in your organization, and the design of a risk management strategy to assure that despite the ever changing risk scenario, your business still runs on top of secure technological foundations.

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  • CISO as a Service

    For many organizations, these are hard times to hire a seasoned CISO. And many of them just need eventual assistance to make some risk mitigation decisions moving forward. This service was specifically designed to address those needs.

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  • Training: Secure Software Development, Incident Response & Ethical Hacking

    Ethical hacking training aims to polish offensive security skills in security analysts that might improve the quality and efficiency of penetration tests. Incident response training, aims to provide the analyst with tools and procedures that improve the efficiency of their demanding duties, helping them with the appropriate classification, processing and escalation of alerts that usually flood intrusion detection systems. Finally, secure development training covers a noticeable knowledge gap with developers coming from schools and universities where still today, secure coding is not broadly taught. Security principles are discussed and their application through risk mitigation mechanisms where it matters the most: the source code.

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  • Security Awareness Campaigns

    Every good defense strategy should start from security awareness training, discussing risks and threats, with all members of the organization. Awareness campaigns aim to share risk specific knowledge with all personnel, to help develop a security-oriented instinct that might prevent them from assuming unnecessary risks, a particularly effective mitigation of social engineering threats.

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  • Security Policies and Procedures

    The elaboration of formal security documentation that shall be approved by management, constitutes a crucial step towards defining the organization security posture and its stance towards the protection of digital assets.

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  • Security Management with Business Process Approach

    The dimension, diversity and complexity of tasks that need to be afforded to protect information assets is overwhelming and require a serious, multidisciplinary management approach. Security management process modelling comes to rescue, backed up by international standards such as O-ISM3 to help organizations improve their asset protection efforts.

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  • Security Requirements Engineering

    The vast majority of software contains vulnerabilities, both known and unknown. The root cause of this reality is that security is not considered from the very early stages of software development, when requirements engineering takes place. We can assist your organization by partnering up with your development team with the security requirements engineering tailored to your projects.

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  • Privacy Protection

    With the aggressive cyberespionage policies of state-sponsored agencies from some countries and unethical corporations accumulating personal data without users consent, privacy is at stake. This service helps our customers to adopt the most efficient privacy protection mechanisms to preserve the privacy of their sensitive data, given the actual threat context.

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