Security Analysis

Security Analysis

we secure your services

Security Analysis

We analyze the requirements, design, architecture and implementation to detect vulnerabilities in your solutions.

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Explore our areas of specialization

  • Penetration test

    Service based on the execution of a battery of tests, both automatic and manual, designed to detect vulnerabilities and exploit them, by providing unexpected input/context to your service infrastructure, similar to what a real life offender will try, over and over, until he/she compromises your premises. Our experts are well seasoned into this art-science, and will help you detect your weaknesses before the bad guys do

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  • API security testing

    Security analysis of APIs to discover vulnerabilities. Automatic tools miss a wide range of vulnerabilities related to the authorization model and business logic. Our testers will find all those vulnerabilities with customized testing that will help to improve its security posture, protecting the core of your business: your data.

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  • Security Analysis of Applications and Services

    Analysis of correctness of security requirements, security design, security architecture and security implementation of an application or service. Source code security audit enables the early discovery of security flaws before they are exposed into production environments.

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  • Forensic Analysis

    Enables the reconstruction of a security incident, from the early stages to the final compromise, based on a forensic analysis of evidence collected from systems engaged, offering chances to discover the intruder and her/his modus operandi.

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  • Malware Analysis

    Analysis that reveals the behavior, capacity, hiding strategy, infection vector and propagation mechanisms of a malware piece, based on its dynamic analysis. Usually part of a forensic analysis following an infection incident.

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Other featured services

  • Process-based security management
  • Crypto-assets management
  • Federated Identity
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Early consideration of security requirements in the development life cycle leverages a stronger protection

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