Security Implementations

Security Implementations

We help you defend from cyber threats

Security Implementations

Proactivity is the best strategy to cope with cyber threats. Risk reduction might be achieved with the adoption of adequate security measures, allowing to improve your security posture

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  • Implementation of Protection Infrastructure

    Whether it is a firewall a WAF, an intrusion detection/prevention system, a hardware security module (HSM), an anti-malware platform, a DLP solution or a mobile management platform (BYOD/MDM), we can help you deploy your protection infrastructure to facilitate the tasks of your incident response analysts.

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  • 2FA solutions

    User authentication with ordinary passwords is intrinsically fragile, enabling dictionary-based brute force attacks in the long run. By complementing such a weak authentication scheme with another factor such as digital certificates, WebAuthn, U2F or OTP tokens, more robust authentication is achieved, significantly reducing the chances of credential guessing attacks. One of such solutions consist of ad-hoc out-of-band apps for IOS and Android and the corresponding back-end components that provide for the extra authentication factors, rendering user impersonation attacks practically unfeasible

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  • PKI & Digital Signature

    Confidentiality and Integrity of digital assets can only be assured through the use of solid cryptography. Cryptography implementation is complex for IT teams without the proper background. Our analysts can assist your IT team with the adequate selection of protocols, algorithms and their corresponding parameterization, to make sure your digital assets are well protected.

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  • Platform Hardening

    Every software platform can be reconfigured to reduce its attack surface exposed to potential attackers. This service consists of the secure parameterization of operating systems, services, daemons and application software that need to be deployed in production stages.

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Other featured services

  • Certification Authority Implementation
  • Attack signatures customization
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